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Booming Business

Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur or founder of a startup company? Well then for you, every day is fabulous, fun and sometimes ferocious. Your life is never boring. You’ve created your own dream job.
Yet here you are, spending too much of your precious time working on practical stuff. Reducing your focus and attention on where your enterprise was supposed to be moving. Getting you bogged down in that presentation for your client, your investors or team. Or making you feel like a total failure: ‘the experienced project manager, getting stuck in time management’…

Thank heavens you’re here. Because whatever it is you are facing, we will help you reignite your energy level. Putting as much focus behind your own business as the work you do for your customers or consumers. We will listen, confer to you and support you at making concrete plans to follow through.

The Program

Whether it concerns kickstarting, upscaling, diversifying or (re)positioning, we will help you make tangible, realistic plans. Get stuff out of your head and into viable actions. Support you at the implementation of those actions. Because really, that is what being entrepreneurial is isn’t it:? Putting your passion into action.
Every journey is different, but rest assured we will provide you with a structured game plan.

Part of the program is to help you clarify or elevate your:

  • Ambition: what is the dream or mission? Why do we do what we do and what do we have to bring to the world?
  • Goals: what does success look like? What do we need to focus on (more) and what do we need to do less?
  • Strategy: how will we get there? Do you have to adjust or reapply your positioning for example? And does the communication need a brush up?
  • Action: 1-2-3 go! Together we will make a concise overview of big and small action points for the short and longer term.


Our approach:

  • Challenge: expect pointed questions and reflections that will help clarify what you want and need. .
  • Momentum: we will help you keep up the pace and if applicable act as a bit of a ‘big stick’.
  • Partner: we will contribute ideas and keep you going on everything to do with your business. Your business plan, brand story, website, presentation to customers, communication to co-founders, partners or team members. You name it!
  • Tools & Models: the wheel has already been invented, so let’s use what works and keep you focussed on the core of your business.
  • Networking: being an entrepreneur is being a networker! We are happy to think along on who can help you business move forward fast(er).


Our Game Plan

We won’t ask you: “well now, how would you think to solve this?”. Our principle of business coaching is to go at it together and help you fix it and flourish as quickly as possible.
We will help you take action and focus on your goals. Our talent agents are experienced strategy consultants and concept developers. As a result we can help you with everything related to a successful business development .
Our Business Coaching program contains 10 hours of 1-on-1 coaching and costs €1.800,-. You can spread payments in a one yearlong membership and pay a monthly fee €150,-.
If you pay in one go, you get 1 additional coaching hour for free.
We will make sure that you can quickly (re)focus on your business and the stuff you enjoy doing. Ready for that energy boost? Let’s go!

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