Executive coaching

Are you a team-leader or department-kingpin and eager to increase your effectiveness? Are you… ready to… RUMBLE?!

Nice. Let’s go! Because being a team lead or manager within an organisation, you’re – in fact – quite the role model. You’re expected to have a clear vision and you should be able to switch back and forth between leading, delegating, reviewing and all that jazz. And, as most executives, you should obviously have pretty adequate communication skills and the right experience for the job.

If you never, ever feel overwhelmed by your list of responsibilities. Stop reading. But if you’re as honest as the day is long, please continue.

Now the economy is at risk, agility and creativity are more important than ever, you being the manager are taking the blows for your team and can be scrutinised regardless. Oi, tough one mate. No worries, we’re here to provide you a sympathetic ear, practical support, tools and training to help you enhance your manager-skills. And, ultimately help you improve the effectiveness of your entire organisation. Preach!

The program

  • The program will be based on the challenges and issues you’re facing in – or outside – the office. Inevitably…:
  • We’ll make an inventory and reflect on your personal strengths and weaknesses;
  • We act as a sparring partner in your personal development process and help you monitor and manage your learning curve;
  • You’ll learn to effectively deal with feedback;
    We’ll help you not to succumb to work-overload, stress, work vs. life disbalance or financial worries;
  • We’ll bring out the invogator in you that inspires and energises your team, department or entire organisation;
  • You’ll master neat tricks and tools that’ll empower you BIG time.

Our game plan

Trust is key! If there’s chemistry between us, we’ll get to work. Trust is key in this process. Leadership training and executive coaching can be quite intense. We’ll browse your professional history for potential causes of the challenges and issues you’re facing in order to help you deal with all of it. Our Talent Agents know exactly what they’re doing and how to get to the bottom of it. Prepare to dive deep, sugar. Together we’ll review your core capabilities and possible pitfalls within the context of your workplace. Let’s get – this party – started!

I want this! 

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