Does your job make you smile?

Everyone has talent

Why do we manage our careers all by ourselves? Why is it so hard to find proper help and why do we often pay a fortune for professional support?

Don’t you worry, you’re on the right track here. Welcome to Jobtimistic. When our talent agents support your career, you’ll be all smiles.

Talent Agent Membership

You have a talent, why don’t you have a talent agent?

Leonardo, Kylie, Scarlett, Lionel en Kanye… All have a talent agent. Their talent agent helps them throughout their career. Not only in negotiations around wages or fees, also on figuring out the brand partnerships that suit them, what should be their next steps and how to balance their work and private life.
Why do we – hardworking professionals – have to fix that all by ourselves? Well, we don’t anymore.
As of today, you can have a career planning coach, negotiator and trainer, all in one, with the Jobtimistc Talent Agent Membership.

Your Talent Club

From HR management to Talent Development.

What is more important in a company than its people?
Exactly! Good people are what create a good business. Yet still it can be tricky or just plain hard to organize everything within People & Culture (or are you still calling it HR?!) in a way that makes employees grow and be happy.
Why? Because all the available time and resources are usually spent on contracts, counting sick & holiday leave, payroll and other administrative processes.
Shall we take care of that once and for all so we can start focussing on Talent Development?

Let’s goooo! 

What is Jobtimistic?

“Criticism is okay, encouragement is better”
Angelo Dundee.

You, wearing a smile to work. That’s what we’re all about.

Jobtimistic guarantees your personal growth at work and helps you to plan your career in ways you never imagined. You could see it like this: you’re Batman, and we’re Robin. We’re your flashy sidekick that helps you find your light a.k.a. your talent.

Because we believe in you – and your talent – and want to help you shine at work. In such a way that it’ll even allow you to do so outside of work.