Talent Agent Membership

Everyone has talent

We spend roughly 50% of our waking hours on work. No wonder our mood at work affects our overall feeling of happiness.

To be fair, work isn’t always easy these days. While we often work from home, many employers want to know what you’re doing at what time, for how long. Besides, you should always be available (read: your phone should be taped to your head), because 9 to 5 apparently became 8 to 8. Next to that, the workload is serious – you’re often juggling 3 job titles in 1. Is this reflected in your paycheque? No ma’am.

Even worse, when you’re job hunting you apparently need to have 15 years of professional experience, before you turn 30. You do the math! Oh, yeah, then there’s the question: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?”. Well, how should you know?!

And while you’re struggling, it appears as if the rest of the world has a clear plan. Oof.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We didn’t even talk about that maddening co-worker, the delicate situations with a manager, job interviews giving you cold sweat or those awkward (salary) negotiations.

Ehm… this sounds way too familiar. Continue!

Famous rappers, movie stars, athletes and – yep – even influencers have a talent agent. So, why don’t you have one? Really, you don’t have to do it All By Yourself.

Take it easy and give yourself some slack, let your talent agent guide you. Whether it concerns coaching on personal growth, uncovering your leadership skills, practicing for a job interview, co-reading or -writing an important email, brainstorming about a new project or rehearsing for (salary) negotiations – we do the whole shebang.

Your talent agent is your always-on sparring partner, mediator, coach and trainer. We support you all the way. Pinky promise.

Sign up today as a member of the Jobtimistic Talent Club.

Coaching, but flexible.

The coaching programs you probably know of are long, expensive or extremely spacey. Dates are planned well in advance and follow a certain format that dictates the amount of sessions needed. And, sad but true: the longer it takes, the more it costs you. We’re talking money AND energy, btw.

In our Talent Agent Membership you get to choose what you want. As a Jobtimistic member, you’ll receive your personal account, credits and access to our talent agent’s calendar to plan appointments. All based on your needs and – busy – schedule.

Whether it being recurring coaching sessions on fixed timings or a last minute phone call to prepare for something unexpected. You are in charge and you are free and flexible to adjust upon requirements.

How much is it?

Well, let’s start at what you’ll get in return:

As a member you’ll receive 30 credits annually – 1 credit equals 20 minutes of your talent agent’s time. And you get to choose how to use your credits. Whether that’s a lot of 20 minute sessions, hourly sessions every couple of weeks or a smaller number of half day sessions.

We help you with (career) coaching, personal development, job hunting, application preparation, negotiation, big or small issues at work or designing your career.

Would you like to have a face-to-face, maybe go for a walk to organise your thoughts, or rather talk over the phone, through Zoom or Teams or via WhatsApp? Hey, it’s 2020. Anything’s possible. We’re online. Just check out your talent agent’s calendar in your ‘member’-area and plan a session at any date of time that fits your planning.

To make it even more flexible, you can also use your credits for (online) workshops and expert-talks. We aim to inspire and motivate you, so you grow to your full potential.

The membership costs €150,- (excl. VAT) per month. For private individuals (who can’t deduct the costs from their taxes) we have a 30% discount code on the signup page which makes the price €105,- (excl. VAT) per month. Your membership will be renewed annually.

Why not?

“I ain’t got no problem!” – Yeah, we often play it cool. Right until that one thing happens and you get swamped. At this point, things tend to go south real fast.

You know what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Truth bombs, hey! Or wouldn’t you agree that exercising regularly is more effective than crash dieting or turning up at a marathon untrained? Our point exactly.

So, the cash doesn’t flow as much as you want to. The very reason why you want a spread out the payment over 12 months. Pre-paying a training- or coaching program can negatively affect your balance sheet. Why bother paying the marbles all at one, if you also have the option to pay a monthly rate?

Add to that, Jobtimistic will help you to bring your negotiation skills to the next level. Chances are you’ll not only grow personally, but financially as well. So what are we waiting for here? Go for it.