Your external partner for People & Culture

With Your Talent Club, together we organise People & Culture in a way that talent can develop optimally.
By simplifying processes and by digital acceleration (hello apps & tools!), improving patterns of decision making and communication and developing talent individually and safely through Talent Agents, we make sure your people and your business will thrive.

From HR Management to Talent Development.

This is how we do it.

Your Talent Club

consists of:


Tool & Process

Based on best in class practices, we improve the processes and select and implement the best (and the right) tools to make this as simple as possible.

On site talent
development manager

Aside from being physically present and available for employees, we help employees and the leadership team to get acquainted and comfortable with the new Talent Club tools and processes and to take the culture to the next level.


Every employee gets a Jobtimistic account with direct access to a Talent Agent with whom he/she has a confidential relationship. Scheduling a call or a meeting with your Talent Agent for coaching or quick help can be done directly from your account page. Nice & easy.

What other entrepreneurs
say about their Talent Clubs.

The Freelance Qommunity

Kim Trotz, co-CEO

“We believe that the concept of the “HR-department” is dated. Our people need access to proper experts who can help them with both their careers and their work. As a founder, I need help to keep processes simple (but best in class) and create a rockstar culture. And that is exactly what Jobtimistic does for us.”


Bram Vreugdenhil, CEO

“The development of our people is vital for us but everything we’ve tried so far didn’t match our ambitions. Now that we have a Talent Club, we have the results that we want: people that grow, work together, have great communication skills and therefore perform even better.”

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