Career Hackathon

Design your career in one day!

For weeks already, even months probably, you’re scrolling through job posts and vacancies on LinkedIn – and beyond. Occasionally something interesting passes by, but does it really spark joy? Hard to tell. Because, what are you looking for? Do you have the right experience for that particular job? How do you write a compelling cover letter that sells you faster than your favourite festival tickets on a warm, sunny day.

“What do I really want and what do I do best?”
Two very important and very familiar questions. Why? Everyone struggles with this at some point in their career and – for most people – they’re insanely difficult to answer. It’s easy to sum up your BFF’s strengths, needs, talents and desires, but for yourself? Nah. That’s why career planning is so important – it can help you answer these questions.

To be honest, it can surely take a while. Besides, you don’t always have the time to engage in long processes. When you want to discover which way to go NOW, you’ll love our Career Hackathon. All it takes is one pretty intense day where we’ll discover your personal values, uncover your (hidden) talents and figure out all possible career opportunities with clear action points that’ll help you follow up.

So, one day and then…
You know exactly where you want to go;
You’ll be able to effectively target your actions;
You know which branch and employments match your personal growth strategy;
You’ll finally ascertain your strong suit(s) and you’ll be able to write it down and say it out loud;
You’ll have a clear action plan that transforms your strategy into reality.

Our approach

How? Through sharing examples, submitting training assignments, engaging in themed conversations and exercises that’ll enable you to know your true capabilities and what makes you tick. We’ll investigate the heart of the matter, your core values. We do this, because it’s crucial for the foundation of your career strategy. Together we’ll look at the talents that substantiate your inner force – so the force may be with you. Get ready to enjoy clarity, energy and loads of self confidence.

Will it be an emotional day? Yeah, could be. No shame in that game. But, no worries, you’ll be fine. The Career Hackathon is one invigorating and intense day where you’ll be challenged to dig deep. The level of intensity mainly comes from the cracking of your brain while you answer the – seemingly simple – questions.

And afterwards? Follow-up is key and that’s exactly why we spend quite a bit of time on keeping the insights actionable. To ensure you’re leaving the Hackathon with more than just insights and intentions, we keep it as practical, pragmatic and viable as possible.

The Career Hackathon is €850,- (excl. VAT) for private individuals and €995,- (excl. VAT) for business customers.

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