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How does a membership work?
We basically do whatever you want – and need – within the coaching, cooperation, brainstorming and counselling scope. We often describe ourselves as ‘your wingman’. Someone who challenges and supports you, helps you collect your thoughts about projects and personal development matters, fixes practical problems and increases your impact and (job) satisfaction. You can determine how you want to use your credits: by giving us a good, old fashioned ringer (phone call, duh), via WhatsApp, on Zoom whilst preparing for a challenging negotiation or face-to-face. You name it, we’ll make it happen!
Why don’t you work with an hourly fee?
Hey, we do that too. If you prefer to pay by the hour, that’s entirely possible. Contact us and we’ll prepare a tailor-made cost estimate.
The price of your membership is super affordable. What’s up with that?
Often coaching and career support is limited to people who are in the next level of their career or work at a large enterprise that covers their costs. But we find it important (understatement) to be affordable for everyone.
Why do you call yourselves talent agents?
In the sports- and entertainment industry talent agents are the gatekeepers and trailblazers for ‘their’ artist’s, model’s or athlete’s career. They help shape the image of their talents and reshape if necessary. Moreover Talent agents protect a trusting relationship so that confidentiality is never an issue.. Jobtimistic believes that this is the kind of personal and practical support that’s necessary for ‘normal business people’ too (and not just for famous actors/athletes/musicians…). Because everybody’s talented.
Honestly, I don’t really see myself as Scarlett, Lionel or Leonardo. So surely I don’t fit Jobtimistic.
Au contraire, mon frère. You’re 100% Jobtimistic-material! We only compare to artists and athletes because they have the most wonderful support system that enables them to focus on their outstanding capabilities. They have a sparring partner and full-time (well, pretty much 24/7) aid on matters that inspire or upsets, occupies or distracts them. And that’s exactly the support system we believe should be available to everybody. E-ve-ry-bo-dy has talent! You don’t need Beyoncé’s voice or Ronaldo’s right foot to make us believe in your skill set. Better yet, if you lose faith in your qualities, we’ll help you recover them. All the more reason to come and work with us. You’ll learn to be the Scarlett, Lionel or Leonardo of your team, department or (new) company.
What type of membership is it: monthly or yearly?
The membership automatically renews yearly, but your payments will be processed monthly.
Do we always need to meet at your office?
Most certainly not! We can also call or chat via WhatsApp. We’ll even come visit you at your prefered location, if you don’t mind our travel time being deducted from your credits. Wherever, whenever.
My company doesn’t have many employees, can Jobtimistic still help me out on HR related matters?
You bet-ya! We’ve created quite the sustainable super service for small & medium businesses. Businesses that don’t have a pro HR system yet and prefer a dedicated Jobtimistic Agent(s) that takes over the management of talent development.
Isn’t Jobtimistic just another recruiter or temp agency?
No, sir/ma’am! In contrast to other ‘authorities’ like recruiters that work for the companies you apply at: you’re the customer, not the product. Finding a new job is one of your many options at Jobtimistic We help you discover what’s best for you. Wanna switch from accountant to organic farmer? Awesome. We’ll help you. Anything else? No problem. We’re here to help you out on your personal and professional queste. Oh, and that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t ever get a recruiter to help us – and, most specifically, you – out. We don’t wait for opportunities, we create them. Together.
We’re facing a conflict in our (management) team, can Jobtimistic help us out?
Yaaass! Okay, hear this: one of our Talent Agents used to wash elephants with executive teams that were caught in serious conflicts and negative discourse. Great story, honestly. Anyway, the elephants are retired, so we can’t offer you this anymore. BUT! You’re more than welcome to use our extensive – human and elephant related – experience in mediation to help you manage team dynamics.
I’m currently involved in a massive sales pitch with a (potential) customer? I could use some help with that. Is Jobtimistic able to help me on such a practical matter?
H*ll-yeah! Our Talent Agents are experienced negotiators and well-seasoned stakeholder managers that used to work for national and international organisations. We know how to handle your average, and not-so average, negotiations and we’d be more than happy to show you a trick or two, our know-how and teach you some useful tools.
Is your service limited to job coaching?
Absolutely not! We can help you out with any support question you have. Whether it’s business-related, trouble in paradise, time management, personal life vs. professional life or how to wash an elephant. The quintessential purpose of our coaching is supporting you at increasing your autonomy on all things you find to be challenging. You see, it’s quite the broad spectrum. We’re just happy to help.
My general practitioner states that I might be close to a burnout. Do you have any experience and expertise on burnout counselling?
Yes. Our Talent Agents have extensive support-experience for burnout and reintegration issues. But, firstly, it’s often required that specialised medical counseling runs parallel to our coaching sessions. Your primary care physician can refer you to a psychologist or therapist – who’s able to prescribe medication if necessary. In the meantime, we’ll help you implement the adjustments that impact your daily personal and professional life. For many years already, our Talent Agents have supported many people that benefited from walks ‘n talks and practical assistance during their burnout or reintegration process.
I’m looking for proper leadership training. What’s up with that at Jobtimistic?
We’ve got the workshops, training and tools to explore and extend your leadership skills. During your training you’ll build on your self awareness and practice self-reflection that’ll help you increase impact on your team, department or organisation. In addition to our one-on-one program, we can also help your entire management team with treasured pointers and insights that help elevate their leadership skills, dynamics and enhance the team work. Cause we all know what makes the dream work, hey.
Does Jobtimistic also provide customised programs for me or my company?
Yeah, sure We offer tailor-made services to both individuals and companies. One short intake to assess what the support questions are in order for us to present an approach and cost overview. If you like what you see, we can start – almost – immediately. Next to our custom-build solutions, we also have a Business Membership that can be tweaked to an additional, continuous support for employees. We also have regular programs such as the Career Hackaton, our negotiation workshop and leadership training that can be adjusted to specific branches, company objectives and case-based questions.